Homemade Christmas gifts for the food lover in your life

Christmas gift ideas you'll love. From infused oils and homemade jams to cupcake bouquets and spiced rum!

Christmas is coming! 

It will soon be the most wonderful time of the year for food lovers, and we have some gourmet ideas for homemade Christmas gifts for the foodie in your life… 

Make infused olive oils – Create your own unique blends like rosemary-infused olive oil or garlic and thyme-infused oil and package them in decorative bottles with hand written labels. 

Cook up delicious homemade jams and chutneys – Make it feel truly festive with fig and port jam or apple and cranberry chutney.  

Mix your own spice blend – Create a spicy rub for meat or fish and present it in a stylish jar. You could even add some recipe suggestions. 

Give them Christmas cookie mix in a jar – Layer the dry ingredients of your favourite Christmas cookie recipe in a jar, along with a festive tag and baking instructions. 

Make handcrafted chocolate truffles – Experiment with flavours like orange zest, sea salt, or espresso in decadent chocolate truffles elegantly packaged in a box. 

Create herb-infused sea salt – Combine sea salt with dried herbs like thyme, or even dried lavender, for sophisticated seasoning. 

Make your own special hot chocolate mix – Create a luxurious hot chocolate mix with high-quality cocoa, marshmallows, and maybe a hint of cinnamon or peppermint. 

Give homemade vanilla extract – Make it by infusing high quality vanilla beans into alcohol. 

Make flavoured vinegar – Prepare unique vinegar blends such as raspberry or tarragon-infused vinegar for salad dressings or cooking. 

Bake up a box of Christmas cookies – Include gingerbread men, shortbread, and white chocolate and cranberry cookies. Give them in a festive box. 

Make a festive cupcake bouquet – Arrange a bouquet of beautifully decorated cupcakes in Christmas-themed flavours like peppermint mocha or spiced ginger. 

Give sweet and delicious tiramisu jars – Layer the classic Italian tiramisu in portable jars, so your foodie friend will savour the rich flavours of coffee-soaked amaretto biscuits and creamy mascarpone. 

Looking for some home infused alcoholic drinks to give as Christmas gifts? Here are our ideas… 

Citrus-infused gin – Craft a zesty gin by infusing it with a blend of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, creating a bright and refreshing flavour. 

Spiced rum elixir – Prepare a warming spiced rum by infusing it with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and vanilla pods, providing a cosy and festive twist to the classic drink. 

Whisky with honey and thyme – Add a touch of sweetness and herbal complexity to whisky by infusing it with locally sourced honey and fresh thyme. 

Cranberry and rosemary vodka – Create a sophisticated vodka infusion with the tartness of cranberries and the aromatic notes of rosemary, delivering a unique and festive taste. 

Earl Grey tea-infused gin – Infuse gin with the distinctive flavours of Earl Grey tea, to make a drink that pairs well with tonic or as a base for creative cocktails. 

And if you want to give a homemade non-alcoholic drink this Christmas, try these ideas… 

Spiced cranberry punch concentrate – Prepare a concentrated mixture of cranberry juice infused with warming spices like cinnamon and cloves. Your foodie friends can create a festive mocktail by simply adding sparkling water. 

Make herbal infused lemonade syrup – Craft a refreshing lemonade syrup infused with herbs like mint or basil, providing a versatile base for creating delicious alcohol-free cocktails. 

Make a ginger and orange sparkler kit – Create a kit with homemade ginger syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice, giving a zesty drink when mixed with soda water or sparkling water. 

Share your rosemary and citrus tea blend – Combine loose-leaf tea with dried citrus peels and a hint of rosemary to make a fragrant and sophisticated tea blend, perfect for hot or cold brewing. 

Make a pomegranate mint mocktail mixer – Mix pomegranate juice with fresh mint syrup to create a delightful mocktail mixer. Your foodie friends can make a fantastic drink by mixing it with soda water or tonic water. 

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